Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday in the City

Because I started working right after we arrived, there hasn't been much time for me to get to the City.  We righted that wrong today.  Conery drove his car which meant I could pay attention to everything but the road.  

We crossed into San Francisco via the Bay Bridge, drove through Union Square area, and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.   

Crossing the Bay Bridge into the City
Downtown/Union Square
From the vista on the northern side of the Golden Gate Bridge
We crossed back into the City and headed to Mission and 5th to park in the garage by The Chronicle.  The first stop was The Cravery, that hand-held pot pies place Conery talked about.  Flaky crust done right is one of the greatest things on Earth.  We got a chicken and mushroom pie and a beef and curry pie.  Those didn't stick around long enough to be photographed.  I'll be going back there. 

As we were talking, we saw an Urban Outfitters.  This place had a basement room dedicated to sale items.  This room was filled with all the stuff that most hipsters won't buy.  Obviously a wreck that no employee wants to tackle, this room was filled with racks that were easily 10 feet long, so imagine that this chaos extends to the right for 12 - 15 more feet.   
The Carnage

If Conery had played his cards right, he could have gotten a fake fur vest to go with those red denim cutoffs.


We ended our excursion back at Conery's building.  

The San Francisco Chronicle
The paper contracts out its printing to a Canadian company which is located in Fremont.  Convenient, eh?  Conery scored us a tour of it Wednesday night.

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