Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's the little differences. I mean, they got the same shit over there that we got here, but it's just – it's just there, it's a little different. *

We are well into our fourth week as Californians, and I thought I'd take a moment to give you some examples of the little differences.

  • The things I thought were mountains are actually hills.
  • People seem to adhere to the honor system. Conery came up short when learning the rules of riding the train. The woman in ticket booth told him to bring her the difference the next day. I didn't have enough cash for the toll on the Dumbarton Bridge today, and the woman told me to bring her the difference when next I cross the bridge despite me telling her it's not part of my usual commute. Neither woman asked for ID or anything.
  • No one honks their horn.
  • Not everyone is in a hurry.
  • Drivers don't weave in and out of traffic only to find themselves one car ahead of you.
  • Earthquakes happen all the time. There have been many since we arrived, and neither of us have felt a thing.
  • They deliver groceries here for a small fee. I can shop online and they will bring my groceries to my door. Including liquor. That's right, I can have my Jack Daniels delivered to me. Score.
  • We have the choice of two count 'em TWO different cable and Internet providers at our location and at least 10 different grocery stores (depending how far you want to drive).
  • The Bay Area is incredibly diverse; far more than Florida. I see black, Asian, Mexican, Indian, Pakistani, etc. people daily. It's a whole new experience to hear Chinese spoken in the streets more than Spanish. And since I work in a slightly touristy area, I hear loads of accents from all around the US as well.
  • Marijuana use is prolific in the city. You can't walk ten feet in any direction without smelling someone "burning one" and no one seems to care.
  • They don't call it a quarter pounder?" "They got the metric system; they wouldn't know what the fuck a quarter pounder is." *

* Pulp Fiction quotes.
White text = Traci's commentary
Yellow text = Conery's commentary

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  1. Check out the big brain on Brad!!!! Love the diversity in Atlanta!