Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mysterious Mysteries

After indulging in a little Floridian roadside Americana recently at Plant City's Dinosaur World, we thought it only fitting that we check out what our new state has to offer.  You cannot drive around the Bay Area without seeing a bumper sticker for Santa Cruz's Mystery Spot.

We met up with our friends, Josh and Emily, and headed to the spot.

The Mystery Spot is soooo mysterious that you have to experience it with a tour guide.  The tour lasts for about 45 minutes and is full of all the home-spun, urban-legendy stuff you can imagine.

Our tour guide stands just outside the line that
separates the spot from the not.  The mysterious, green
apparition is just inside the spot.  Freakin' out yet?

After some initial demonstrations of the mysterious nature, we hiked up a pretty steep path.  

The path was harder to walk up than it normally would be for some mysterious reason, but our nine year old tour guide didn't do the greatest job of explaining why.  I should note that he was being evaluated by some other kid with a clipboard, so I can only imagine that our guide was still relatively new. 

We moved on to the building that is at the center of the mystery spot.

Conery and Josh leaning mysteriously.

It's a good thing that there were handrails all over the place because the building is at a pretty extreme angle.  The real mystery of this place is that people don't break an ankle.  

You learn from the guide that the building was not built at that location.  It was originally 25 feet up the slope, and it moved to its current location.  So many mysteries!!!

After getting inside the structure, the tour guide did some demonstrations with levels and billiard balls further expounding on the mystery.  When he finished his spiel, we got in there and checked things out.

Conery showing off his mysterious stance.

We moved into another room of the building at the heart of the Mystery Spot where there were more demonstrations which included the Mysterious Ladder of Mysteries which you can walk up without holding on to anything.

Emily's ascension was so fantastic that other
people immediately  ran over to experience
the mystery themselves!

After leaving the Mystery Spot, we passed by the Bigfoot Museum.

I think you know where we are going next!


  1. Hey it rained in Florida really hard....that was kinda cool...not really. wish you were here or vice versa.

  2. Ditto, Kiddo... well wish you were here anyway. :)

  3. And today I did taxes....another mystery to experience.