Monday, April 11, 2011

On Deck

Several years ago, I went through a phase where I could not get enough of information delivered in deck form.  This phase was started and enabled by the glut of decks out there.   

I think the info in deck form thing triggered nostalgia for those recipe decks that were very popular in the 70s.  I was never interested in cooking; I just liked the organization and the way you interacted with the information.l

During my deck phase, we bought a deck of 50 walking tours in San Francisco.  We were going to use it the next time we visited.  The next time we were in the Bay Area was for last year's Tinkering School.  We didn't have a car or ample time for sight seeing.  We went into the City for one day after TS was over, but the time was not right for breaking out the deck.  So the deck was still on deck.  {wakka wakka}

The deck was never far from view as I had a stack of travel books on my nightstand Florida.  During the move, the deck found itself a home far from view, apparently.  This disappearing act coincided with my need to find it so that Conery and I could actually use the whole deck!  

So last week, I started hunting around for the deck.  It wasn't in any of the easy to get to places, which meant it has to be in one of the boxes in the office closet.  *groan*  One side of the gigantic closet is full of boxes which contain all of our books, computer stuff, and memorabilia.  I triaged the location of the boxes in the closet based on our need to access them...things in the back corner were boxes I knew we would leave packed until we find a house to rent after our lease is up in a year.   

After going through about half the boxes in the we'll never need anything in these boxes section, I gave up.  I figured that we could just find another list of walking tours and that was good enough.  When I told Conery that I'd settled, he gave me that I can't believe you are giving up look, which is all the motivation I need to change my mind.  It's a good thing that Conery also knows the mania and chaos digging through the remaining boxes would cause - not to mention the time it would take.  

Conery found the same deck at Barnes & Noble, so we decided to take a drive East to Dublin and buy another copy of the deck.  We had yet to head East across the East Bay Hills, so this little jaunt was taking us into uncharted, Wilbanksian waters.  The drive to Dublin also sated our desire to know what was on the other side of those hills.  The answer...more hills.  Most of the drive looked like this...

So this is a pretty long-winded way to tell that you now that we have the City Walks deck in hand, we are going to start this blog's first official series where we go through the deck in order and tell you all about it.

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  1. Niceeeeee. i've got a deck that i want to play you at MTG with. :)