Monday, June 13, 2011

City Walk #2

It has been entirely too long since our last blog post and I intend to remedy that right now with the telling of a lovely stroll Traci and I took on our second San Francisco City Walk.

The second city walk card
Traci and I have been to the SFMOMA Yerba Buena area both alone and together since I worked near there until recently, so I'm going to pretend the the events that follow all happened on one glorious, longer than 24 hour day in the interest of consolidation and adhering to the project.

We started at SFMOMA because there was an amazingly interesting exhibit there.  It is called "The Steins Collect" and I believe that young Traci will be regaling you with a more in-depth tale of the exhibit in a future post.  So suffice to say it was pretty fantastic and features the work of some masters.  We spent a good long time taking in all of the art and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  So as not to give anything away, we had our now customary picture of us holding the card taken against a plain black wall.

You can't read it, but that is the card in my hand
We also took a chance on lunch at the Museum Cafe and that was a rather surprising treat.  It was pricey but so is everything around that area and this was also delicious.  Not your typical cafe that was an afterthought, I think this place would still get business even if it weren't attached to the SFMOMA.  Tourist tip of the day, plan to eat lunch on site the day you go to SFMOMA.

Then we started our walk toward the Yerba Buena district.  The area is large, encompassing the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YCBA), a couple of restaurants, a skating rink, kid's play area (with that excellent, squishy, cork-like flooring), a bowling alley, and a beautiful, restored glass enclosed, working carousel.  Sadly we got there about 15 minutes too late to ride the carousel so we pressed our noses up against the glass and pouted for a minute.  We paused our pouting just long enough to snap a picture or two.

This is where I would sometimes walk for lunch when I worked at The Chronicle.  It has a beautiful green space with trees, benches, boulders, and water features including a waterfall dedicated to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   The monument is set up so you can actually walk behind the waterfall, which Traci and I did.  There are quotes by the man himself along the wall.  It was very loud and also pretty wet.  There was a nice but stiff breeze that day which was blowing the mist back at us.  We therefore didn't read all of the quotes but that will give us something to do next time!  We followed the path behind the waterfall (rapidly through the last half as we were tired of getting wet) and continued to our next destination, The Metreon.

The (formerly Sony) Metreon is currently under renovation but a couple of businesses are still open, including a very nice movie theater.  Traci and I took the opportunity to see Bridesmaids and it was hilarious.  If you haven't seen it yet, go get 'em.  You won't be disappointed.  After the movie, we walked across an elevated walkway and got a pretty spectacular view.

More to come!

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