Friday, August 5, 2011

It's the Little Things

Most of the time when we expect the worst, the worst is what we get.  There have been a few things lately that caught my attention, and I was pleasantly surprised.  

Thing One - If you read my previous post about the Vazooka project I'm doing at work, you know that the project requires a canister vacuum.  I have a little bit of a budget for projects, but I didn't want to blow it all on a new vac.   I hit up all the second-hand stores in the area. Those things are hard to find.  No canister vacs anywhere.  Most of the people I asked didn't even know what one was.  So I checked Craiglist.  I found one there for $20.  I contacted the person, and it hadn't sold yet.  Initially he mentioned meeting at an apartment, but I didn't feel good about that.  Plus Safety Martial Conery would not approve.  I met the person yesterday in the parking lot of a grocery store.   I left $20 lighter with a barely used vacuum, and I wasn't robbed or kidnapped!   You often hear pretty negative things about Craigslist.  I was a bit leery meeting some random person, but it all worked out!

Thing Two - After picking up lunch the other day, I was driving back to the office (and talking to my cousin Brett), and I saw a cop crossing the street with a bag of lunch in his hand.  As he got half way through the crosswalk, he motioned to the driver of the car stopped at the light to put on his seat belt.  The person did.  The cop gave the thumbs up and continued on his merry way. There was no ticket.  It was just that simple.

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  1. When ever i sell or buy on graig's list I meet them other then the home base,it's called c.y.a.