Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Seven Months?!?

It is really hard to believe that we've lived in California for seven months already.  Time is seriously flying!  

We are already starting to think about where we will move when our lease is up in December.  Fremont has been great while we've been getting acclimated, but there are other locations on the peninsula (West of the Bay) that are more centrally located for both of our jobs.  My company moved to a new location about a month ago, and it's a block from a light-rail stop.  So if we find the right location, both Conery and I can take public transport.

Conery's new job is going great.  He is already a productive member of the team.  He had to get up to speed really quickly as one of the other members is getting married this month and will be out for a few weeks.

There is a grass-roots social thing going on at my work in which I've gotten involved.  We have an off-site team building event this Friday.  There are 12 teams of 10 people which are competing in olympic-style events.  The events run the gamut from Duck, Duck, Goose to Tug of War to Blind Canoe Races (yeah, that should be real interesting).  I'm the captain of team 3.  Our team name is Team Masti; masti is an Indian word which means naughty/mischievous.  Curious George is our team logo.  It's really fitting because there are some trouble makers on our team!

In addition to the olympics, there are other initiatives going on.  I'm starting a tinkering group.  Our first project is going to be a vacuum cleaner bazooka which I have dubbed the Vazooka; I already trademarked it. ;)