Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Yoga Studio

Luckily, many yoga teachers teach at other studios around the Bay because I got a couple of recommendations for studios on the Peninsula when I left the Fremont studio.

There is a studio about 3 miles South of our house, and it's across the street from the Caltrain station.  Super convenient.  It would not, however, be my choice if there were another studio the same distance away.  Why?  It's really crowded all the time.  They offer classes all day long with some starting at 5am.  I am not one of the people attending those ass crack of dawn classes.  The classes that fit my schedule are the ones that fit most people's schedules, so those classes are packed.  The studio is on the small side compared to others I've been in.  It's a store front in a strip mall.  They've made good use of the space, but there are just lots of people.

The packedness is not that big a deal in the yoga room, although the quarters are very close.  It's more annoying getting into and out of the entrance area and the locker room.  Neither of those places are meant to accomodate the number of people practicing in a given class.  However, people get their early to get whatever spot they deem good, which means that if all the people taking the class are in the entrance area waiting, and all the people taking the previous class are trying to leave, you have twice the number of people in a given place than are meant to be there.  I think the post class exit (getting into the locker room, getting to your stuff, finding a square foot to change in, getting out of the locker room, navigating through the people waiting for the next class) is almost as challenging as the class.  Not really, but I like to exaggerate.

The person who is now cutting my hair does yoga at a studio in Pacifica, which is about 8 miles away from our house.  Once my yoga pass at the current studio is depleted, I'm going to check out the Pacifica studio. The experience at the Pacifica studio is going to have to be pretty great to beat the convenience of the current studio.

The current studio also does Silent Bikram classes where there is no dialog to guide you into and out of the postures.  The teacher practices with you in the center of the room.  For postures where you cannot see him/her, some audible signal is given to alert you to the posture change.  It's different.  I'm not really sure if I like it.  It seems like the Silent versions of the regular classes are happening more and more at the current studio, so if I decide that that version doesn't challenge me as much, that factor may be enough to get me to switch studios.

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  1. wow! silent, sweaty, sardine yoga, now that's the ticket, lolz :)anne