Monday, September 3, 2012

Park and Ridge

After walking our dogs twice a day for the year we were in an apartment, we have walked them a handful of times in the eight months we have lived in a house with a backyard.  They get plenty of exercise going up and down the stairs and running around in the yard, right?  Feeling a skosh guilty about their lack exercise/playtime, we decided to remedy that this weekend.

We met up with some dog-havin' friends at our old dog park in Fremont on Saturday.  They have two Basenjis, and meeting up on neutral territory seemed to be the best approach for introducing the dogs to one another.  They got along just fine.  Since we had been there last, the dog park installed some agilty-type equipment.  Most dogs, including ours, decided those were fun things to run around and pee on.  The dogs had a blast and were completely wiped out by the time we got home.

Since I left the car setup for traveling with two dogs, we decided to go to Milagra Ridge County Park near our house for a morning stroll with the dogs.  It was totally sunny at our house in San Bruno, but within a mile of a park, we hit the fog line.  We had hoped it would be clear so that we could see the ocean, but the fog had not burned off yet.

The park was occupied by the Ohlone Indians and the military before becoming a park in the 80s.  The concrete Nike Missile Station and the gun battery are the only evidence of the military past of the area.

Nike Missile Station

Every missile station needs a watchdog, right?

Creepy Doors

Creepy Close-up

On a clear day, you would be able to see ocean

We will definitely be going back to Milagra as it is so close to our house.  Figuring out the best time will be the challenge.  The park has signs in a few places alerting you to the fact that there are coyotes and mountain lions in the area, so that puts dusk out as an option.  Early morning is when it is most likely to be foggy, so the sweet spot seems to be between 10 and 4.  Next time, Milagra, next time.

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