Monday, January 17, 2011

The Chronicle - Day One

Well today marked the end of my life as a kept man of leisure; I started back to work for the first time since being laid off in May of 2010. I am the newest member of the small desktop support team for the Hearst Corporation. More specifically, I work for the San Francisco Chronicle. In addition to the SF Chronicle people, we also support users at SFGate (the Chronicle's online arm), some Houston Chronicle users, and Gatelist (not 100% sure what that is yet).

Today has been very exciting for me so far. Coming from Florida where there is no good public transportation of which to speak, I've had a very good taste of what big city life is like. Traci dropped me off at the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station in Fremont this morning at 6:20AM. I got on the train and because of the MLK holiday today, I had to switch trains to make it into the city. I arrived early, at 7:30 and walked in with Brian, one of my co-workers who also takes BART into the city. We walked the block to the building and he informed me that he had made some BBQ pulled chicken and homemade coleslaw for sandwiches. Therefore, I gladly carried part of his burden into the office. He proceeded to give me the tour of the building, then we went for a walk around the block and he showed me all the things owned by The Chron. He showed me where the food editors work, they have a test kitchen and other stuff in there but we didn't go in. He did tell me that there is a section under the building that connects to our building, and that they're going to block off both ends and have food carts come in! I'm not sure if it will be an ongoing thing, or a special event, but either way I'm stoked!

My first day was one of the most productive in my career history! No reading of the company manual, no filling out paperwork, no sexual harassment seminar, just me fixing computers and setting up new computers and Blackberry devices for new users. Right to work!

The BBQ chicken and coleslaw were both delicious.

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