Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In the Catbird Seat

At the end of my first week at work, I was drafting up a presentation to give to my boss and manager which contained my suggestions for utilizing the tools we have in house to take the company's existing documentation and leverage it for several outputs including printed documentation, online help, and a knowledge base.  Being the one team member with any real world experience with the tool set made me a bit more valuable than originally thought.

This week solidified my position in the catbird seat.  I am one of five people on the documentation team.  Two of us are contractors; the other three are full time employees.  The rhyme/reason for that split is unbeknownst to me.  

The other contractor gave his notice yesterday.  He and I were working on all the user-facing documentation.  His choice to leave was more about where his was going; his new job is closer to home and is a permanent position.  So...this means I'll be doing all the customer facing documentation.  I'm up for taking that on, and it means job security and a possible wake-up call that the company needs to make the commitment to its employees in order to get some commitment in return.    

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