Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Chronic - WHAT? - cles of Narnia

After checking out the TechShop, we walked around the block to the entrance of The San Francisco Chronicle.  We signed in with the security guard in the lobby.  The lobby ceiling is brilliant and apropos.

Lobby ceiling
 The elevators are small and dated.

The newsroom is wide open, and some people were there working.

The TV hanger on the left is the area where scenes for
the upcoming Matt Damon/Jude Law movie was filmed
last weekend.  Yes, Jude Law was right there.

Conery also took me to the roof top lunch area. 

Check Conery's earlier blog for other pictures
of the area.  I thought seeing the clock tower
from the roof was cool even though the
times were out of sync.
As we were making our way out of the building, these restroom signs caught my eye, mostly for the stick drawings and the tiny text beneath them. 

After the Chronicle visit, we hit a little Irish pub called The Chieftan.  It was the perfect end to a rainy day outing.

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