Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No Particular Place To Go

I have been told by my fans (Traci) that it's been more than two weeks since my last post and they're all (Traci) clamoring for the next one.  I haven't posted much because not a ton has happened that I thought anyone would find all that interesting, except for the weekend outing stuff.  Since Traci did such a great job of telling all about it, I didn't feel a rehash was necessary.  Plus the city is all new for her whereas I see it everyday so it only makes sense for her to regale you with her version of events downtown. To my point, here is a little tale from my afternoon walking adventure yesterday...

I was flying solo at work for the first time yesterday with one coworker offsite moving people into a new location and the other coworker recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident over the weekend.  I was steadily busy all morning and then when the afternoon rolled around it slowed up a bit and I decided to spend my lunch hour walking around in the city like I do.  I started by entering the mall I've mentioned in previous posts (and where Tom and I went before I got my job and where I found the guy wearing the hat I bought off his head) to check out the food court.  The mall is really close and I figured it would be good to know if there is anything lunch-worthy in there.  There is.  Unlike every food court I've ever visited, this one has a ton of really interesting options.  In addition to the normal pizza joint, cookie place, smoothie place, and pretzel cart, I found a couple of fresh cafe type places, a nice looking cafeteria, a Korean BBQ and a ramen place!  I'm not expecting much as they do still reside in the food court of a mall, but it's nice to know that there are some non-traditional options should I decide to head to the mall for lunch.

As I rounded a corner I saw this:

I think I've heard of Bristol Farms before, I think maybe they sell their meat at restaurants or maybe the grocery store.  Anyway, as I get closer, I realize that the whole area is boxed in with registers and one way turnstiles.  It is in fact a Whole Foods type grocery store right inside the mall food court!  I went in for a closer look.

General Grocery Staples
Chocolate Counter
Hot Bar 

So in addition to all the cool food choices, there's also a grocery store complete with sushi, chocolate, and a hot bar.  It's a little pricier than a grocery store not in a mall would be, but it's not too far off from the prices at Whole Foods.  The place also has an excellent meat counter and and awesome cheese selection.  I am looking forward to spending too much money there very soon

I left the mall through an area that said "BART/MUNI This Way".  As promised, it led right into the train station (I had seen the Westfield Mall entrance every day when I exit the station but I didn't get that it actually dumped you right into the mall - very cool and convenient).  When I exited back up the stairs, I found that I was right in front of the Walgreen's where I bought both my Clipper card for BART and my two Hip-Hop CDs weeks ago.  I went in and got some Kleenex (the only thing on my agenda when I went for my walk) and a bottle of water, and headed back to the office.  I actually have some semblance (for me at least) of a sense of direction in my little 5 block area near work so I went back the long way.  When I was almost back at The Chronicle, I once again noticed this sign:

Good Vibrations
And decided I'd go in and have a look.

In case you don't know, Good Vibrations is a boutique that specializes in adult novelties, toys, etc.  For my Florida friends, think of it as a Fairvilla only smaller, less creepy, and WAY more stylish.  I didn't see any porn magazines or movies, just toys and instructional books.  They also have informative pamphlets all over the store and at the entrance with information on different ehem interests (anal, oral, bondage, spanking, etc.).  I think those are free but I neglected to pick any up.  In any case, I finally know what a Fleshlight is (Google it if you dare).  They had some really nice stuff in there, the women working there were very pleasant and helpful and everything was displayed in such a way that made it very easy to find what you were looking for.  There was a glass showcase in the middle of the store that had what I can only describe as "high end" vibrators.  Some of them (like The Rabbit) I've seen elsewhere and they were not this expensive so they must use better quality or different, more expensive materials because these things ranged from $150 to $250!  For that price they should give you an orgasm... oh wait, that's right. Anyway, I walked out without buying anything, but I'm sure I'll go back soon and buy something.  Gotta support the little local businesses (no $200 vibes though)!!

Now will you all (Traci) stop demanding that I post a new blog entry already!?  The comments section is rather bare and it's the best way to let us know you're out there and reading!  Otherwise, it's just virtual crickets for us.


  1. Wow! Thanks! It's about time!

    Your fans (Traci)

  2. Wait... a Rabbit??? So it vibrates AND opens up wine bottles..? wtf??? ; )

  3. It is truly a magical device, Kirk.

  4. Woah dude! You JUST found out what a fleshlight is??? Man i've been seeing ads for those...i mean, i've heard of those for a longgggg time. And I am a big fan of your blog!! I check it every time i get on but there never seems to be any big updates which sucks :P And also, I most definitely thought what Kirk said in William Shatner's voice.