Thursday, February 10, 2011

Foodcartopia Episode 2!

Yesterday was the second day of food trucks at The Chronicle's tunnel and it was once again a cornucopia of different types of food.

The offerings were as follows:

Little Green Cyclo, Chairman Bao, Senor Sisig, Liba, and a sandwich place that didn't make the list in the email I was sent and whose name I don't recall.  I checked it out and was going to try it, but the sandwich that looked most interesting was a Neiman Farms tri-tip sirloin sandwich which was $9 - Pasadena.  In walking around to all the trucks my plan was to have a rice vermicelli bowl at Little Green Cyclo (Vietnamese street food), a single taco at Senor Sisig, and a single steamed bun at Chairman Bao's.  I stood in line at Chairman Bao's, shivering (it was 60 degrees outside, but MUCH colder in the shade of the tunnel) and once again when it was finally my turn to be served, the person taking orders was called away.  She was actually finishing up a phone order or something; I guess it's just my lot to be the guy who gets an extra wait at food trucks.  So I ordered a single steamed pork belly bun that came with pickled daikon on it ($3.75).  I then meandered down to the Senor Sisig truck whose fare is described on their website like so: "This restaurant on wheels takes a traditional Filipino dish called Sisig and fuses it with the flavors of Mexican American cuisine." and ordered the sisig pork nachos ($7).  Then I walked down to the next truck which was Little Green Cyclo.  This is when I realized that I had over-ordered at Sisig.  I meant to get one taco from them to try it out along with the other trucks I'd decided on, but having ordered the nachos realized I wouldn't have room for anything else, especially not a big bowl of Vietnamese rice noodles.  I sadly had to pass on their truck this time but I'm sure they'll be back.

The nachos were tasty and other than the really delicious Filipino seasoned chunks of pork were straight Mexican nachos.  They were tasty, but I would have been much happier had there been more meat.  For $7 they seemed a little on the small side.

Sisig Pork Nachos (that is not a full size container)
Let me tell you about Chairman Bao's Buns.  The steamed buns are cheaper which is why I chose to try that one, and if price is equivalent to quality or tastiness, then the baked buns must be spectacular.  The bun I chose was pork belly.  I've heard of it for years but other than commercial bacon, I've never actually had it.  I was fully prepared for something weird like a big ol' piece of fat with crispy edges so needless to say when I got my bun back to the office to check it out (man, I wish I had ordered two not only because it was amazing, but also because then I could have said "after I got my buns back to the office"  Damn the missed opportunity!) I was pleasantly surprised to see that it consisted of two pieces of perfectly cooked, tender pork belly which was cooked in such a way as to have a lovely little crusty edge.  The daikon was bright yellow and flecked with chives.  It was so amazingly delicious that I wanted to run back down and get another one (or two or three) but I was too full as I imagined I would be.  I really hope they come back again because I'll be spending all of my lunch money there!

Those radish pickles were really delicious

This sign says "Bun Truck" but they got cute

I can't wait until next Wednesday!!

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