Friday, February 11, 2011

The Noon Edition

I've been intrigued by a couple of signs I've seen here at The Chronicle referencing "The Noon Edition Roof Patio" like this one:

So I asked my coworker Brian about it thinking that there were leftover signs from a long time ago and that the roof patio was likely no longer a thing.  I was wrong!  Brian showed me a door that led to a staircase which leads to the roof patio.  Once I knew it was a real thing, I imagined it to be a tiny little space with a table and a couple of chairs.  WRONG AGAIN, REINDEER BREATH!

The Noon Edition Roof Patio
It's actually a rather large space with picnic tables as well as smaller patio tables and chairs.  It's all blocked off from the roof itself (Please Stay Off The Roof - Authorized Personnel ONLY signs abound) by those trellis looking things and the path leading from the staircase to the patio is covered and there is a wooden plank path.  It's really a cool place and I can't wait for Summer when it will be warm enough for this Florida boy to enjoy rooftop lunches!

Below are some pictures of the views afforded by our little third floor roof patio:

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  1. I love going on field trips with you two! My feet don't even hurt. Down side is the food just doesn't taste as good from here.