Friday, February 25, 2011

Here Ya Go, Mom!

I talked to my mom on the phone this morning and she mentioned that she loves the blog (she has to though because I'm her son) and especially likes the pictures of buildings in SF that we've posted.  So just for you mom, I spent my walk to and from lunch today snapping some pics of old buildings which I present for your viewing pleasure.  I miss you!  Come see these in person ASAP (that goes for the rest of you too)!

The other side of the tunnel where the food carts setup

The Tempest Bar makes an amazing hamburger

The side of The Chronicle building that said "Go Giants!"
before they cut it out recently

I am fond of this picture

Pickwick Hotel

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  1. So you miss our silly asses, do you? I for one, miss you too! I know mom will love the picks. Believe me,since you two left, my fantasy vacations are all to California.