Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Holes In The Wall

Not a long post today, but I wanted to share an interesting thing going on at the Chronicle.

You all know what a sports fanatic I am (that is big time sarcasm if you don't know), right? Well apparently one of the major, professional "gaming groups" here - the Giants - who play some sort of game wearing funny costumes and using sticks and balls, were in some sort of event where I guess people were excited. Anyway, the SF Chronicle decided to paint a huge GO GIANTS! banner on the side of the 901 Mission building.

Well now there are some changes being made to the building and they are gutting and remodeling the second floor for a new tenant. Part of that renovation includes taking out the sign. The sign was painted onto the concrete on the building so by "taking down the sign" they really mean "cutting some HUGE pieces of concrete out of the side of the building and removing them with a big ass crane". Here is a picture of the slabs now resting an the ground (the brick building in background is the Food and Wine Department, BTW):

And here is a picture of its previous location:

That's all for now. Enjoy your day!

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