Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Auto-Related Fixation

When I blogged about my route to work and the differences in drivers, I totally neglected to mention the motorcyclists. If you thought the "no helmet" rule enjoyed in Florida was nuts, try lane splitting on for size.  

I think I gasped the first time a motorcycle whizzed past me on the line separating lanes of traffic.  I thought..."whoa, that guy's got some balls".  Little did I know that all the motorcyclists have big balls around here.  They split lanes on residential streets and on the freeways.  In some places, the lanes are more ample, and the practice doesn't seem like such a death defying feat, but on the freeway, it makes me cringe every time.  Such a risky practice does have its own reward as I'm sure motorcyclists probably spend half as much time in traffic.

I'm glad James Hill sold his motorcycle because were he living here, I think he'd have to get another just to lane split.

My other car-related news is that I took my car to get a smog check today.  The clean bill of health is required to register my car in California.  Since my car is a 2011 and already meets California emissions, the process of getting it certified was quick and painless. 

They perform smog checks everywhere.  I'm surprised you can't get it done while grocery shopping or at work.  In a lot of places, gas stations here aren't just a large convenience store with gas pumps.  There are gas pumps, a garage, and a small room with a few snacks; ya know - an old school gas station.  

I remember going with my Grandfather to get his car inspected back in the day when they did those in Florida.  I wish all states did that.  I drove around with my air recirculating in my car more often than I wanted in Orlando because so many cars were spewing out horrible exhaust.  I used to see an older car in Orlando and immediately push the recirculate button because I figured it was going to be stinky.  For the most part, the older cars out here seem pretty well maintained.  I guess they would have to to pass the smog check as you cannot have any warning lights on in your dash and pass.  But if you can't or won't maintain your car, I'm sure there are ways around it.


  1. Traci neglected to mention that lane splitting is 100% LEGAL here! I guess it gets those vehicles out of the way of traffic thereby reducing overall congestion. Scary.

  2. I always have the urge to open my door as they're approaching. I know that's evil, but moving along at 2 inches/hour makes me think bad thoughts.