Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sweating to the Yogis - Part Two

I headed back to yoga last night.  Class started at 6:15pm with a different teacher.  Students vary from class to class as some only practice in the morning, after work, on the weekends, etc.  I didn't recognize anyone from the 10am Sunday class.  Since the class starts at 6:15, I can only assume that the majority of students are there after working all day.  This alone makes it a different vibe than experienced on the weekend.

The students didn't have all their stuff surrounding their mats, but there was a line of bags and things along the back wall.  It definitely made things less cluttered.  And no, no one's cell phone went off.  I'm hoping Sunday's gaffe was a one time deal.

The teacher seemed less experienced and delivered the dialog a mile a minute.  Based on his pronunciation, I assumed he wasn't a native English speaker, but I overheard him saying after class that he was "from here".  His parents must have spoken a lot of Chinese/Japanese at home because he definitely had some issues.  If I wasn't familiar with the Bikram dialog, I would have no clue what I was supposed to do sometimes.  I wasn't alone; other people were having a hard time knowing when to go into the posture.

Despite delivery issues, the teacher was encouraging and made some specific corrections for students. Those corrections, unfortunately, were only targeted to the two students whose names he seemed to know.

Overall, the class was better.  Some of that had to do with me moving from the second row to the front row.  It's much easier to block out the rest of the class when you are closer to the mirror.

The change in climate is definitely impacting my practice.  The temperature outside is the most obvious difference.  It was probably 55 when I was in class last night.  With the lack of humidity, 55 didn't seem quite as cold as it wasn't that damp cold you feel in Florida.  

The climate inside the studio is totally different as well.  The studio relies on central heat only (no space heaters), and there are ceiling fans in the room.  The room has pretty high ceilings so you don't really feel the breeze from the fans.  I'm still sweaty, but I'm not completely drenched like I would be in Florida.

I'll spare you the documentation of each class, but if anything exciting comes up, I'll be sure to blog all about it.

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