Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Morning Revelations

This morning was the first time I tried to park at the BART station so I'd have a ride home this evening as Traci is going to yoga tonight.  I got there early, parked, and walked to the train.  I paid for parking ($1) in the machine then headed up the stairs to board the waiting train.  Fremont is the end of the line so whatever train is waiting on the usual side is the San Francisco/Daly City train which I take to work every day.  Since I had to get there early to even have the possibility of a parking spot, the train I boarded was an earlier one than usual by about 15 minutes which means I arrived in the city a little early.

Depending on where you exit the station back to the surface world, you may be at a totally different station than normal.

I walked toward the front of the train this morning since I had extra time to pick and choose, so when I got to the Powell station and took the stairs up I exited in a totally different place than I normally do.  In fact it was right in front of the Walgreens where Priest and the other rappers peddle their wares.  I had a little longer walk and passed the stairs I normally use, but at least I was able to figure out where I was going.  Stepping off the train and exiting by a different way than usual felt a bit like the twilight zone until I got my bearings.

The coffee shop on the ground floor of my building makes an AWESOME breakfast!

Because I left early this morning I didn't have much time for food so I decided to check out the breakfast options at our little coffee shop.  I think I've mentioned them before, but the couple who runs the shop are super friendly and nice and remember everyone's name who comes to them for coffee and often knows their special request before they even ask.  On the menu was a breakfast sandwich (on a English muffin) with prosciutto, mozzarella, egg and basil.  The combo included coffee and a hashbrown (which was unremarkable).  That sandwich was delicious.

I hope your day starts off as well!

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