Monday, February 7, 2011

Priest Update

I walked down to a hardware store today to have a key made and decided to take the long way back to the office to help me with my downtown bearings.  On my way back, I happened upon Priest the U.G.K. whose CD I purchased a few weeks ago.  I noticed while listening to the CD that some of his tracks were mislabeled.  I was accosted by yet another new artist (who somehow has 7 CDs available for purchase - 3 for $10!! I passed this time) and then went to rap with Priest.  He and the other rapper whose disc I purchased were both there and remembered me (they  probably don't sell many CDs to business casually dressed crackahs).  Priest said that he was aware of the error and that it happened when he converted his tracks from PC to Mac.  He then pointed out to me that what I have is a collector's item "like the old baseball cards when the player's bat was on the wrong shoulder".  Heh heh.  Gotta love that answer.  Next time I see them, I'll probably have to buy the other dude's disc but I also plan to suggest to them that they invest in a portable CD player with a headphone jack so they could let people hear what they're missing.  People could even plug in their own headphones if they're creeped out by the community ones.  I'm going to ask for $1 of every CD they sell because of this idea.  I may be becoming a rap promoter or manager or something.

Good lookin' out, homies.

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  1. I think that most rap moguls started out exactly the same way. ;)