Monday, May 16, 2011

City Walk #1

For those of you who missed the post where I introduced a project Conery and I planned to do, read this.

On Saturday, we headed to San Francisco with the card for walk #1 in hand.  This particular card's contents had to be accomplished on a Saturday because the Farmers' Market was a major part of the walk, and it only happens on Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  Each of the walks in the deck takes about an hour to traverse and involves about a mile's worth of walking. 

This gives you a general idea as to where all the walks are focused.

For a little context, the red dot in the
water below Marin County is where
the Golden Gate Bridge is.
Back in February, Conery and I had dinner in one of the restaurants in the Ferry Building which is the starting point of walk #1.  

City Walk #1
The Embarcadero is the area from Fisherman's Wharf (approx Pier 39) East to the Ferry Building (Pier 1).  Walk #1 takes us from Pier 1 to Pier 17.

The plan is to have our picture taken at the beginning of each walk.

After getting our picture taken, we strolled past all the vendors in front of the Ferry Building.  

There were also street performers (musicians and a balloon animal guy) and dude with a typewriter creating poetry upon request (with donation).  Conery assured me that this wasn't even half of the market.

We walked through the Ferry Building to the side that faces the Bay Bridge.  There were more vendors with fruit, veggies, bread, soaps, flowers, organic this, and organic that.  And then we started smelling the awesome food.  WOW!  

A bird, the Bay Bridge, and Ghandi

As we walked around, it seemed like each person who passed was carrying some food that was better than the person before them.  I zeroed in on a booth with an egg and maple bacon sandwich, and Conery got a po boy from another booth. 

The people watching was extreme as you have a mix of locals and tourists.  I could not take my eyes off of one guy.  There would be a picture of him if I was better at taking pictures without being noticed.  He was clearly embracing his style muse, and I didn’t want to seem like I was making fun of it.  So in lieu of a photo, I’ll do my best to describe it.  He was wearing black, skinny jeans rolled up and pegged to show off his bright green socks, which were emblazoned with some sort of animal on each side.  His shoes were black, slip-on loafers.  His shirt was a tight, black button up whose sleeves were rolled up above the elbow.  The shirt was unbuttoned to show off his bright green tank top.  He was also wearing a pair of safety orange suspenders, which looked a bit like recycled seatbelts or the webbing from a lawn chair.  He also had a hat on of some sort, but I could hardly pay attention to it because of his one, giant earring.  It was a crocheted (or knitted) bunch of grapes complete with green leaves.  crocheted (or knitted) bunch of purple grapes complete with the green leaves.  Hopefully, that visual was enough to let you know the caliber of people watching.

After enjoying the great food and beautiful views of the Bay, we checked out the other booths and found some dessert.  I love a good Snickerdoodle cookie, and I had an amazing one.  I Cookie Monstered it so quickly, a photo couldn’t be taken.

The Farmers’ Market was just the first stop on the walk, so we cut through the Ferry Building on our way toward the other piers.

The day could not have been lovelier for a stroll.  We stopped at Pier 7 and walked out to the end.

Pier 7, Treasure Island, and the Bay Bridge

Looking toward Downtown and
the Transamerica Pyramid

The piers all have odd numbers.  So we made it to Pier 17 pretty quickly as there isn’t a Pier 11 or a Pier 13.  At Pier 17, we saw this sign and stopped in at TCHO.  

We found out that a tour was starting within the half hour, but there was a waiting list as the tour was already full.  Conery was asking a few questions about the tour and found out that the production line doesn’t run on the weekends.  We’d get a lot more time in the manufacturing part, but we wouldn’t see much happening.  If we came during the week, it’s too loud when production is happening to stay in that area very long, so you get a virtual tour.  So regardless of when we took the tour, we wouldn’t be getting the experience we wanted.  Instead, we had some samples along with delicious mocha lattes which we enjoyed in their lounge area.

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